Privacy notice for St Nicolas 9th Guildford Scout Group

Privacy notice for St Nicolas 9th Guildford Scout Group

About this privacy notice

We adhere to The Scout Association’s Data Protection Policy. This privacy notice explains how St Nicolas 9th Guildford Scout Group as a data controller, collects your and your Scout’s personal data; what data we collect; and how we use, store and share your data.

References in this privacy notice

References in this privacy notice to “the Group”, “we”, “us”, are to St Nicolas 9th Guildford Scout Group, registered charity number 305756, which Group for privacy purposes includes our partnered Explorer Scout Unit, St Nicolas 9th Guildford Explorer Scout Unit. References to “Scout” or “Scout’s” are to Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and / or Explorer Scouts as appropriate. References to “you”, “your data”, “your personal data”, “your information”, are to you, and your and your Scout’s personal data. For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation and UK data protection laws, our Data Controller is the Executive Committee of the Group.

How we collect your data

We collect your data when you complete registration and information forms to be a member of the Group and The Scout Association; complete forms for Scout activities; provide information related to badges, awards and training; provide updated data; and pay subscriptions and activity fees. We also collect your information during Scout activities, and in the unlikely event of an incident or accident involving your Scout or another person.

What data we collect

We collect:

  • Contact information, such as your and your Scout’s name, email address(es), phone number(s) and postal address(es);
  • Your Scout’s age, date of birth, and the school they attend;
  • Information about your Scout’s dietary, medical and additional needs, health, gender, disabilities, ethnicity and religion;
  • Information about their Scouting history and their badge, award and training records;
  • Financial information, such as when and how much you pay for subscriptions and activities; and
  • Photographs and occasionally video and audio containing personal data.
Why we collect your data and how we use it

We collect your personal data:

  • To provide Scout activities in a safe manner;
  • To identify needs of Scouts, help us make reasonable adjustments, and provide appropriate care, including food, for your Scout during Scout activities;
  • To communicate with you and your Scout and inform you about Scout, Group and wider Scouting activities;
  • To communicate with you about your Scout’s membership including subscriptions;
  • To manage your Scout’s membership, and their badge, award and training records;
  • To process Gift Aid and to manage the finances and accounts of the Group;
  • To meet safeguarding and legal requirements; and
  • To communicate with the public and enable the Group and The Scout Association to provide a voluntary service for the benefit of the public.
How we store and process your data

We use paper and electronic forms including GoogleForms (a third party electronic file system) to collect your information. We store your information on Google Drive (a third party electronic file storage system), Online Scout Manager (a third party Scouting records system) and Compass (The Scout Association’s membership system). We extract your information from these systems, process it, and prepare electronic and paper versions of it for the uses set out above. We protect your information against unlawful or unauthorised processing and accidental loss by using passwords and other security measures. We store accident and incident information on paper forms which are securely filed and to which access is restricted.

Who we share your data with

We share your information with adult Leaders and volunteers who have responsibilities for the care and safety of Scouts during activities, and who are involved in your Scout’s badge and award progress. We use photographs (and occasionally videos and audio recordings) of Scout activities to communicate with you and your Scout, and with other parents, guardians and Scouts in the Group. We use them to communicate within The Scout Association and with the public including via our website. We share your financial information with those adults who manage the Group’s finances. We share accident and incident information with medical staff and our insurers. We share your information within The Scout Association. We do not otherwise share your data outside The Scout Association or with other third parties, except if you give us permission or if we are required to do so by law.

How long we keep your data

We retain Gift Aid information for 6 years. We retain accident and incident forms containing your data until the Scout is 21 or until three years after the accident or incident, whichever is the later, to comply with health and safety and other requirements. We retain details of your Scout’s attendance at activities as required for safeguarding purposes. We retain your Scout’s membership, badge and award records, and your other information for up to 12 months after a Scout leaves the Group. Paper forms and paper and electronic copies of your information are destroyed or deleted as soon as practical after they have been used.

Personal data of adult volunteers

We collect, store, process, share and retain personal data of adult volunteers in the same ways as set out in this privacy notice, except that personal data related to The Scout Association’s Adult Appointments process is processed in accordance with the specific data protection and privacy notices related to the Appointments process.

Your rights and the Information Commissioner

You have certain rights, including that you may request access to and deletion of your data. You can find out more about your rights from the Information Commissioner’s Office website: If you have any queries about this privacy notice or how we process your personal data, or if you wish to exercise any of your legal rights, please contact us by email at: If you are not satisfied with how we are processing your personal data, you can contact the Information Commissioner.

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